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Placido Domingo and The Buenos Aires Yoga Symphony Sex Cult

A Yoga school in Buenos Aires full of classical musicians has operated for over 30 years as a hidden international sex cult.

Sept. 19, 2022

We're talking about the recent raid by the Argentine Federal Police's Human Trafficking unit of a sex cult that has operated internationally from Buenos Aires for the past 3 decades... at least. If you like our content please become a patron to get more premium episodes like this one, as ...

Justice Thomas’ Wife: Why This Ginni Must Be Put Back In The Bottle

Is the pope trying to curtail a Vatican organization affiliated with Clarence and Ginni Thomas, right wing judges, and developing world dictators?

Sept. 14, 2022

We're talking about Opus Dei, the Catholic Information Network, Leonard Leo, Ginni and Clarence Thomas, and incidentally in the context of this story, the Order of the Knights of Malta. If you like our content please become a patron to get our exclusive premium episodes, as well as our pu ...

The Science of Zombies

Are zombies real? Technically... yes, actually.

July 10, 2022

We're talking about the etymology of the zombie in this one. This is a preview of a premium episode, please become a patron if you like our content and want more premium content like this! You will get our two bonus episodes every month, plus our public episodes ad-free. While th ...

Vacation Horror Story: The Spring Break Cult Murder

We're talking about the murder of Mark Kilroy by a black magic priest in Matamoros, Mexico in 1989.

June 29, 2022

Mark Kilroy and three of his friends were in South Padre Island, Texas for spring break in 1989, but by pure misfortune he crossed paths with Adolfo Constanzo, a palo mayombe black magic priest who doubled as a drug cartel boss, who was unhappy with his previous human sacrifice. Mark became his next one. If you like our content, plea ...