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The American Tradition Of Police Violence: Tyre Nichols, The Scorpion Unit And Deputy Gangs

Tyre Nichols was beaten to death by five policemen after being stopped illegally for an alleged traffic violation, in what looks like a targeted, personal attack.

Feb. 1, 2023

In this episode we’re talking about some aspects of the Tyree Nichols’ murder that are being discussed less, Memphis and LA deputy gangs, some crazy details of the actual murder that shocked us the most, things like implicit bias and how racism can happen against people of your own race. If you like our content please ...

Swatted Over a Twitter Handle

We discuss swatting: calling in false law enforcement emergencies on one's online enemies.

March 14, 2022

In the last decade, there have been several cases of people who have been targeted for their “special” social media handles: high value handles that are very short or otherwise desirable. If you enjoy our content, please click here to subscribe . At least two persons lost their live ...