A Modern Coronation: Operation Golden Orb

What should we expect from the coronation of future King Charles III?

In 1937, the 11 year old Princess Elizabeth had watched her father, King George VI crowned in the elaborate ceremony and 16 years later on 2 June 1953, her own official coronation was to take place. Now, Prince Charles will become King the moment Her Majesty passes away. And William will be watching his father’s coronation. Prince Charles was the first child to witness his mother's coronation as Sovereign. Princess Anne, his sister, did not attend the ceremony as she was considered too young. He received a special hand-painted children's invitation to his mother's Coronation. This is a preview of a premium episode, please become a patron to get all of our premium episodes, plus our public episodes ad-free. 1

The Coronation of King Charles will be scaled down, less expensive and more inclusive than any other previous similar ceremony. 2

Prince Charles and Camilla Duchess of Cornwall are to be crowned side by side, together, and I like that a lot. Camilla will become Queen Consort. The last time the honor was bestowed was in 1937 when the Queen's mother sat alongside King George VI. 3

In this episode we also discuss The Royal Mews – the Gold Coach, the royal cars and the horses - , as well as the Crown Jewels and their significance. The St. Edward's Crown, made in 1661, will be placed on the head of The King during the Coronation service. It weighs 4 pounds and 12 ounces and is made of solid gold and 44 gemstones, including rubies, garnets, sapphires and tourmalines. After the crown, the orb, also made in 1661, is the most important piece of regalia. It is a globe of gold surrounded by a cross girdled by a band of diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphire and pearls with a large amethyst at the summit. The Coronation ring, known as 'The Wedding Ring of England' – because the monarch’s first duty is not family but country – will be placed on The King’s fourth finger of his right hand in accordance with tradition. This ring was made for the Coronation of King William IV in 1831, William himself commissioned the British jeweler Rundell, Bridge & Rundell to create the symbolic sapphire ring with baguette-cut rubies in the form of a cross across the face. The rubies represent the cross of St. George (for England) and the sapphire represents the Scottish flag. 4

When Charles becomes King, he will change the royal insignia, he will put his own stamp on the reign by changing the designs of everything from mail boxes to police uniforms. Instead of the ER II insignia, during charles’ reign, the Tudor Crown design will be used.

We also debate whether a traditional coronation recipe called Coronation Chicken is exceptional or.. disappointing. The recipe is linked below. 5

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