Anna de Rothschild, The Fake Russian Speaking Heiress Who Infiltrated Mar A Lago: Is She A Spy?

The FBI's investigation into Inna Yashchyshyn, a woman with 4 passports and suspicious background, who befriended Donald Trump and Lindsey Graham, and mingled with 45’s most inner circle.

Inna Yashchyshyn, who presented herself as fake heiress Anna de Rothschild, was born in Ukraine, has American, Canadian, Russian and Ukrainian passports and a Florida driver’s license and the authorities have no idea when she entered the country. If you like our content, please become a patron to get our premium bonus episodes, as well as our public episodes ad-free. 1

Obviously, Inna Yashchyshyn is no member of the famous Rothschild banking dynasty but under that assumed persona she managed to infiltrate Mar-a-Lago, Donald Trump’s Florida residence – where top secret HUMINT and SIGNALS intelligence were illegally kept in an unsecured room, with just a lock on the door.

The timing of fake banking dynasty heiress Anna de Rothschild’s presence at Mar-A-Lago, where she played gold with Donald Trump and Lindsey Graham and ingratiated herself into the former’s president inner circle, is suspicious: she first started to go there in May 2021.

According to the New York Times, the CIA sent a top secret cable to chiefs of station – in all countries - warning them that too many agents were dying or were being turned into double agents.. So they should be extremely cautious. The cable said that the CIA knew exactly how many were executed but they have no idea how many were turned. 2

Inna Yashchyshyn is the daughter of an Illinois truck driver, which makes her marriage to her now ex-husband Sergey Golubev even more dubious: he said she married her to get a green card. 3

The FBI is also looking into her charity, United Hearts of Mercy, after the Sûreté du Québec Police Provincielle du Canada have launched investigations into Yashchyshyn’s dealings too, also related to this foundation which claims to help immigrant families. In fact, this was a money laundering scam. Stripe, the money processing app, suspected fraud and halted the funds for the campaign – a campaign which was also supposed to help families devastated by the COVID pandemic.

The United Hearts Charity of which Inna Yashchyshyn was president, was founded together with Valeriy Tarasenko, a Moscow-raised businessman who also has a very unclear background. 4

In this episode we discuss the possibility of Inna Yashchyshyn being a spy, knowing the honey pot strategy is used by foreign intelligence services such as Putin’s SVR and GRU.

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