Halloween Horror Story: Herschel Walker’s 12 Split Personalities and His Demonic Crayons Doctor

Georgia US Senate Candidate and former American football player Herschel Walker was diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder by an ex pastor who believes that demonic possession can be confused with mental illness.

In his 2008 book “Breaking Free”, Walker wrote about his DID and struggles with mental illness, noting that his life began to unravel after he retired from the NFL in 1998. Walker went to see his old friend Jerry Mungadze to seek treatment. Jerry Mungadze is not a medical doctor and has dubious views which include a belief in demonic possession and ritual abuse, but nevertheless diagnosed Walker with Dissociative Identity Disorder. Walker said he had 12 alter egos. If you like our content, please become a patron and get our two monthly premium episodes and the weekly public episodes ad-free. 1

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Mungadze employs shady treatment methods that originate in the satanic panic decade which include colored crayons – despite the fact that he admitted to be colorblind.

In this episode we discuss Herschel Walker’s mental health battle while taking a look at more realistic causes for his violence and erratic behavior, like Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy CTE. In the past 10 years neurosurgeons have found proven links between repeated head injuries suffered by football players and paranoia, depression, memory loss, and violent reactions.

A month before the November midterms, Walker, who is running on a conservative family values anti abortion platform, is caught in a web of lies and revelations from his past: he made the mother of one of his out of wedlock children have an abortion and paid for it and has a history of violent outburst against women – retraining orders, stalking accusations, even threatening one of them to “blow off her head” with a loaded gun. His own son Christian Walker accused his father of being a liar and indicated that he abused his mother. 2, 3

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