Lucy Letby: The Baby Killer Nurse

Nurse Lucy Letby violently attacked and killed 7 newborns and attempted to murder 6 more. She is Britain’s most prolific child serial killer. Why did she do it? Apparently, for “love”.

Visit today to get 10% off your first month of therapy. Lucy Letby has been found guilty of murdering seven newborn babies and attempting to kill six more at the Countess of Chester hospital in north-west England. Aged 33, the nurse attacked the babies between June 2015 and June 2016 at the neonatal unit where she worked. If you like our content, please become a patron to get all our episodes ad-free.

In this episode we discuss how the Countess of Chester hospital management dropped the ball and their series of failures and attempts to cover-up the severity of the situation that led to this tragic outcome. 1

During trial, Lucy Letby blamed the neonatal unit doctors for being out to get her - “the Gang of Four” she called them: John Gibbs, Stephen Breaery, Ravi Jayram and another pediatrician. In reality, these doctors were the ones who fought the hospital management in order to get police involved and stop the horrific murders. 2

Nurse Letby injected air into the newborn’s tummies and veins (air embolus), poisoned them with insulin, overfed them milk, even hit them hard causing organ damage and showed metal objects down their throats causing them to bleed uncontrollably and go into cardiac arrest. Some of the babies that survived are left with permanent brain injuries from the lack of oxygen they endured before being resuscitated.

An inquiry is ongoing as to why hospital management were so slow to act, but this is not a public inquiry which obliges witnesses to give statements under oath.

In this episode we also discuss other medical professionals who killed their patients: nurse Beverley Allitt – known as the “angel of death”, doctor Harold Shipman and nurse Charles Cullen. We also look at an egregious case of malpraxis in which an Atlanta, GA doctor named Tracey St Julian decapitated a baby during childbirth.

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