NRA: Nobody Remains Alive

The people behind the NRA are as evil and cruel as you imagined.

In this episode we share some lesser known stories about some of NRA’s “iconic” leaders like Oliver North, and their bloodstained resumes. We also discuss the Uvalde school massacre timeline and the anemic, shameful, and cowardly police response. If you like our content, please support us by becoming a patron.

As Adam Serwer pointed out in 2018, "The Cruelty is the Point." That's why, for example, the right wingers like people like Oliver North leading the NRA, and people like Felix Rodriguez training their torturers and assassins. We discuss the El Mozote massacre orchestrated by death squads in the El Salvador military during the Reagan administration, and how people like North and Rodriguez trained them. They also orchestrated the killing of Archbishop Oscar Romero, 40 of his funeral attendees, and the four Maryknoll nuns raped, murdered, and bured in a roadside Salvadoran mass grave. The right loves their sadists... 1, 2, 3, 4

We also discuss the recent developments in the investigation into the timeline of the Uvalde, Texas mass shooting and the failure of a police response to the incident. Why did 19 children die while cops waited in the hallway? Those cops get 40% of the town's budget, and yet didn't have the equipment they say they needed, and had to wait on a tactical unit from a federal agency to come end the shooting incident for them. The response of Uvalde law enforcement commanders has been less than reassuring, considering the person who wrote the FBI's training guide on mass shooting response says the local cops did it all wrong. 5

Oh, and a pastor at an Arlington, Texas city council meeting wants to execute the gays (again). See? Like we said, they love their sadists. 6

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