Putin's War Crimes: Ukraine, Chechnya, Syria

We discuss Russia's escalating attacks on civilians in Ukraine, and similar tactics used previously in Syria and Chechnya.

Putin has committed crimes against humanity before. With no real repercussions from the West. If you like our content, please subscribe to our premium episodes.

During the Chechen wars, the West was not as outraged as now, because the victims were predominantly Muslim and world leaders at the time still believed Putin was fighting a war “against terror”. It was proved by journalists like Anna Politkovskaya and former FSB officer turned dissident Alexander Litvinenko that was in fact Putin who planned the now infamous Moscow apartment bombings of 1999 as a pretext to start a war with Chechnya. For a more detailed account, listen to our Putin’s Rise to Power – Part 2 premium episode. 1, 2

We discuss verified reports of executions, sexual assault, torture, shelling of children hospitals, maternities, and blocks of flats, as well as other horrors emerging from Bucha, Borodyanka, Mariupol, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Mykolaiv, Lviv, Irpin and Odessa. The number of civilian casualties just in Mariupol alone is estimated to exceed 20,000. They are rounding up Ukrainian civilians into camps and many people are “disappeared”. They have even killed dogs and their puppies. As Russia regroups to prepare for the Donbas battle, they are giving a new meaning to “scorched earth”. We go through a brief history of war crimes, and we will analyze the current situation, the West’s reaction and what’s coming next: General Alexander Dvornikov aka the Butcher of Syria and the Battle of Donbas. 3

Lviv University is the alma mater of the two lawyers who came up with the legal concepts of prosecutions at Nuremberg for genocide and crimes against humanity. Raphael Lemkin introduced the term ‘genocide’ in international law and Hersch Lauterpacht coined ‘crimes against humanity’ into international law.

Putin is winning in Russia. He’s losing internationally but he’s winning at home, his popularity ratings inside Russia are 83%. On April 11, Putin arrested Vladimir Kara-Murza. The FSB has poisoned kara-Murza twice already. He’s now in prison just Alexei Navalny, not likely to be released soon. A 13 km long Russian convoy is approaching Donbas.

On the international scene Russia has been kicked out of the UN Human rights Council but not from the Security Council. The US is sending $750 M in military aid to Ukraine. Ukraine also has Bayraktar drones from Turkey. Finland and Sweden move closer to NATO membership. 4

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