The Moms for Liberty Sex Scandal

Bridget Ziegler is embroiled in a sex scandal that exposes the hypocrisy of the “don’t say gay” extremist education movement she co-founded: she was caught on tape having sex with another woman during a threesome encounter with her husband.

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Moms for Liberty is a Florida-based organization, with more than 300 chapters in 48 states. It claims to advocate for “parental rights at all levels of government.” 1

In reality, they push for banning children’s books and literature, fight against diversity, inclusivity, LGBTQ children, and rail against sex education and the teaching of Black history. The Moms for Liberty cult-like following believes there’s a widespread conspiracy in American schools to expose children to “woke “concepts about sexual orientation and gender identity that don’t conform to their idea of traditional family values. Of course, they joined the Ron DeSantis’ “Don’t say gay” campaign. 2

But as it turned out, Moms for Liberty is right-wing education movement with a huge hypocrisy problem. Co-founder Bridget Ziegler, who’s also a member of the Sarasota County School Board in Florida, and her husband Christian Ziegler have been caught in a sex scandal that threatens to end the organization. Moreover, Christian Ziegler who is also the chair of the Republican Party of Florida and a big Trump fan, was accused of rape. 3

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