The North Carolina Blackout: Drag Queens vs Domestic Terrorism

A mysterious gunman opened fire on two grid substations in North Carolina, in a targeted attack during a drag show organized by Naomi Dix at a local theater which left more than 38,000 people in Moore County without power, in freezing temperatures.

The Sunrise Theater in Southern Pines went dark in an instant. The drag show was called off early, and shortly thereafter a woman named Emily Rainey seemed to take credit for the power outage in a public Facebook post. The local sheriff has questioned her in relation to the Facebook posts and determined that she's not the culprit after "a word of prayer." ...Right. 1

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This wasn't the first drag show Emily Rainey has protested, she's been attending them in secret according to her Instagram posts for quite some time. She's also a regular guest on the podcast of a priest officially made into a hermit by the Catholic church due to his outrageous political opinions 2

This isn't the first time Emily Rainey has made national news, either. She was forced out of her Army commission after bringing a bus of 100 people to attend the January 6 riots in D.C. after Donald Trump lost the 2020 election. Since then she's rebranded herself as a right wing activist figure in charge of an organization called "Moore County Citizens for Freedom" but there's just one problem: according to voter records she doesn't even live in Moore County. 3

What she does do, according to her own social media history, is get pregnant after an affair with another woman's husband. The Calvary Christian School in Southern Pines was apparently very concerned about the drag show, but not as concerned with Emily's baby daddy situation. Shocker. 4

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