The Secret Service and the Biden Dogs Lawsuit

Reports say President Biden doesn’t trust some of the Secret Service agents, or their biting incident accounts about his dog Major. A FOIA lawsuit regarding Commander Biden was filed against the DHS by the same GOP group who targeted Champ and Major.

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In this episode we’re going to talk about the new Biden pets, Commander the German Shepherd, Willow the tabby cat and Poppet the unofficial White House rabbit, but also about Major and the late Champ Biden and how they were turned into political weapons and attacked by right wing groups, in court and on live TV. And we have some “barking news”: president Zelensky, Olena Zelenska, and their children have more than just two dogs: they also have a hamster and a cat. If you like our content, please become a patron.

Major Biden is the only pet in history whose less than perfect behavior was considered reason enough to "file a FOIA lawsuit against the United Stated Department of Homeland Security for records of communication between Secret Service officials assigned to the White House regarding the Biden family dogs."

One’s pets and children are/should be off limits in politics, even if the politics of their humans is not your cup of tea. On that note, thanks to President Bush and Mrs. Laura Bush for adopting puppy Freddy Bush from the SPCA of Texas and rescuing kitty Bernadette from the side of the road and giving them a wonderful, spoiled life, along with Bob, the second Bush cat.

We discuss the attack against a 13 year old dog, Champ, by a Newsmax host. Gregg Kelly and two guests presented agreed on live TV that Champ “is dirty, looks rough, disheveled, like a junkyard dog.” This attack was connected to senator Ted Cruz who fled to Cancun during the 2021 Texas freeze, leaving his poodle Snowflake alone in a house with no electricity and no heat. Texas monthly editor Michael Hardy brought this fact to light and the Twitter account The Oval Pawffice spread the Snowflake news. Newsmax attacked this account while lying to their viewers, stating the account belonged to Jen Psaki. Newsmax viewers mass reported the account until the Twitter algorithm banned it. But thanks to the adorable fox red Labrador retriever Gipper, Juris Dog-tor at Clare Locke, a boutique law firm, The Oval Pawffice was reinstated in 24 hours. Gipper wrote an official letter to Twitter’s Legal Counsel making it clear that The Oval Pawffice didn’t break any rules. This letter is a work of art, it’s written in doggo, Gipper signed it with his own paw print. 1, 2

Next: fun stories about FDR’s dog Major, Pete Roosevelt, Barney Bush, Juno and Satan Adams, parrot Poll Jackson, Old Ike the Woodrow Wilson ram and Rebecca Coolidge the racoon. We think wild animals should be protected and they should live in their own habitat. Sanctuaries yes, zoos no. Foreign presidential pets like Nemo Macron and Konni Putin (Konni sadly passed away) are included too. Farts, hair dye and Rudi Giuliani are also a thing in this episode. 3

We conclude by asking everyone to please donate to animal organizations on the ground in Ukraine. They need our help, now more than ever, so please help out if you can. And please ADOPT DON’T SHOP. 4

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