If you subscribe to one of our premium tiers of content, you may access the premium content you subscribe to on our site in several ways depending on your preference. If you prefer to listen to episodes directly on our site, we embed a player in each episode page that allows you to play the episode within your browser. For this method of access, nothing is required on your part, you simply go to the episode page you wish to listen to and click the play icon on the page.

If you wish to add your premium content links to a podcast app on your device(s), return to the subscribe page and you will notice that it has changed since you submitted your payment information. When you return to this page with an active subscription, links that authenticate your account will be displayed at the top of the page.

For All Apps and Devices

On the subscribe page, click the button next to the links that look like this:

...and the link will be copied to your clipboard, just as if you were copying and pasting in a word processor document.

Then, you can paste the link into whatever feed-reading apps you use. For instance, if you are using an Apple device and want to add our premium podcast episodes to your Apple account, open the Apple Podcasts application, and click on the Library tab at the bottom of the screen, which should show you a display similar to the first screenshot below.

Apple / iOS

IMG_3583 IMG_3584

Then, click the "three dot" menu as shown in the second screenshot, and select "add show by URL." Paste the url that you previously copied into the box, and click "Follow." At this point the premium tier episodes will show up in your device's podcast app like all other shows you follow, and new episodes will be downloaded automatically.

If you have a Google / Android device the process is similar.

Google / Android

Open the Google Podcasts app on your device and go to the Library tab at the bottom of the screen. You should see a display similar to the first screenshot below.

Screenshot_20220302-115001_Google Screenshot_20220302-115012_Google

Click on "Subscriptions", tap the "link" icon in the upper right, and add the link you copied to the form and save. The premium episode feed will now be displayed alongside all of the other podcasts you subscribe to, and new episodes will download automatically.

Note: If you choose at any point to upgrade or downgrade your subscription, and the upgrade or downgrade either provides more or less content than your prior subscription tier, your link(s) will change and the old link(s) will be invalidated. In that scenario you will need to remove your old subscription links from your devices and / or apps and add new ones taken from your updated "subscribe" page.

Thanks for being a Dubious subscriber! If you have any difficulty using your premium content feeds, please contact us at for assistance.